The UCEA Center for the International Study of School Leadership gathers national and international communities of scholars, practitioners, policy makers and government agencies dedicated to the improvement of schools through school leadership. The Center is dedicated to fostering a cross-national effort in the improvement of leaders and their leadership, who in turn can be well informed about research at a global level—thus positively and pro-actively affecting students, teachers, and families. The new center purposely expands its scope to support broader UCEA visibility, respectability, and participation of national and international scholars and practitioners.


The mission of the UCEA Center for the International Study of School Leadership is to generate and mobilize evidence-based research knowledge of school leadership through a pro-active approach, combining national and international efforts to improve schooling for the success of children. The quality preparation and professional development of school leaders, combined with collaborative partnerships with researchers, policy-makers, and governmental agencies are aimed to advance an understanding of common leadership challenges and successes in multiple countries.


The goals for the center are to:

(a) Foster collaborative forms of research about school leadership

(b) Synthesize leadership preparation, research, and practice and disseminate this information

(c) Facilitate knowledge brokering through partnerships between UCEA and other national and international professional associations, actively networking with researchers, practitioners, and policy makers.